Get yourself onto, here is where you can rent your holiday boat

Samboat is a private boat rental platform that connects landlords and tenants for everyone to find their account: the owner amortizes his expenses by renting his boat, while the tenant can rent a boat in a few clicks! So click here for your vacation.

Samboat, the site for you

Between sailboats, motorboats and catamarans, the site offers a variety of boats for all the pleasures but also for all the budgets by displaying tariffs from 34 € the day.With family or friends, the site allows you to rent a boat on the Côte d'Azur, in Brittany, Corsica, Arcachon, Biarritz ... and even in the West Indies and Paris! All at a lower cost. Offering destinations around the globe, it is also possible to book cruises in Croatia, Greece, Italy or the Balearic Islands. A trusted third party, Samboat secures rentals thanks to a multi-risk insurance that protects the boat and the renter for the duration of the navigation.

Rental with skipper

Rent a sailboat today does not require a trip. Most players operating in this field already have a website, which makes it easier for rental companies. You will not need to come on the scene to see it. On the samboat page for example, different models of sailboats are displayed there as well as all the necessary information to know. Some sailboats are small and others are larger or medium size and you will be able to make your choice in peace, either from your office or from your home. For the curious without coastal license or for a stress-free navigation, the site also proposes to rent a boat with skipper. Finally, the rental dock for travelers seeking unusual accommodation, or who do not have the sea legs, is also available.

So, do not hesitate to opt for a dream vacation by boat. Samboat will allow you to rent the best and most profitable boats.

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