We show you how to rent a boat

Renting your boat for free is totally authorized, without any restriction. The owner can skipper his own boat. It is advisable to draw up a contract on this subject and to make it available by the skipper, in the event of a possible check.

Rent your boat between private individuals

Renting a boat, paying rent, is perfectly authorized, in all its forms. The French pleasure pavilion does not oppose it. However, it will be necessary to draft a contract, particularly desirable for both parties with a detailed inventory and an inventory of the boat. The skipper will keep on board the documents to be presented during a possible check. The individual will be required to report his income to the tax authority, depending on the applicable tax legislation to reassure the owner. In fact, the taxation of the income from this rental may vary according to the tax status of the owner of the boat. Even if the boat is rented in France, income taxation will not be automatically made in France. Similarly, the flag of the vessel is not a relevant element in determining the taxation of such income. In your statement, do not forget to mention any deductible expenses.

To Rent a boat is very free

Everyone can make some boat rental with many positions. That said, if you do not have a boat license and even a nautical experience, you will need the services of a skipper. The owner of the boat or the company to which you rent your boat will be responsible for finding you this ship's companion. If the skipper is paid by the owner, the latter will enter the category of NUC (Commercial Use Vessel), and must comply with the regulation as such, including weapons. If the skipper is paid by a direct link between the renter and the skipper, this legislation will not apply and the rental will follow point 2. An owner can rent his boat directly to an individual on a dedicated website. You are convinced by the last option, just a few clicks to register his boat on the site for free and without commitment.

Word of mouth and social networks are also effective ways to rent a boat. We must talk to families, friends, so they move faster.